About the company

Since 2011, we perform electrogalvanization (blue clear/yellow) and black oxide treatment of steel. We are flexible and a rapid and high-quality supply source from finishing itself to packaging or arranging transport as desired by customers. Our strong focus on our activity has helped build a team of professionals with longstanding experience.


We perform zinc electroplating (blue clear/white) on a rack plater – the most common method of plating. Plating ensures protection against corrosion and an attractive appearance. The thickness of the plating is 5–25 microns. The finish is glossy.
Bath size 1200x500x300mm

Black oxide process

Blackening is different from other finishing methods due to its thinness – there is minimal dimensional change in the piece itself – while providing effective protection against corrosion. The finish is a smooth, matte surface.
Bath size 1000x400x400mm



maja-66x66  Siduri 8, Tallinn 11313
mobiil-66x66  +372 52 99 148
kiri-66x66  myyk@galvaanika.ee




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